The New Theory of Everything Psi flows into the little mind

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"The New Theory of Everything... Else"


     "Very strange things will happen            "We saw many exciting recoveries"               "There was this visible signal                   "The weight just came off
      then it will all make sense" Kelcey                    Dr. Cynthia Johnson                              then always money" Wendy                      more and more" Marisa


   "The most astonishing book I have ever read"  P. Delacroix                    


                                                                       Psi is flowing within and around us like water, at all times, with intuition and insight.

                                                                         Many of us miss this. Professor J.B.Rhine said it is "mind-over-matter," or psychokinesis.

                                                                           In the "The Little Mind" we find out how to catch it and make it work for us. It is part of

                                                                              the new quantum world of physics. It is no longer superstition or divination to rely on our

                                                                                 intuition or "hunches," as these are everywhere apparent and an ability we all can have.

                                                                                   The "reason of the heart," "voice within" and "conscience" of Socrates, are all the same.

                                                                                       Now anyone can learn how to use "the Little Mind" to heal mind, body, spirit.... and all things.


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